About Us

JKV Logistics Finland Oy

JKV Logistics Finland Oy is Finland based construction logistics services provider operating in the Nordic Region and Central Europe. JKV Logistics offers a variety of services to it’s clients, with the main expertise being in designing, implementing and managing construction logistics on large scale data centre projects.

At JKV Logistics we believe that logistics is the key to successful execution and completion of any construction project. We are constantly looking how to add more value to our clients by continuously reviewing our processes, implementing new strategies, best practices and investing in our employee training.


At JKV Logistics core are experienced and qualified specialists in construction logistics. JKV logistic is a reliable partner, producing only high-quality services and results. With a wide choice of the logistic services, professional, dynamic and friendly staff, your project will be a success. We are proud of the people that work for us and deliver the best in class logistics experience.


Jaunius Kvedaras

Managing Director

Jaunius Kvedaras founded JKV Logistics Finland Oy in 2012 as a response to increasing industry demand for reliable, thorough and competent construction logistics services. The specific focus of the company was the Hyperscale data centre construction market in the Nordics. With more than 15 years of senior experience in managing security, construction logistics and transportation services in London, UK, he knew exactly what clients were looking for and started a successful business which now extends over the Northern and Western Europe. Jaunius’s core values of transparency, honesty and continual improvement are also the corner stone’ of JKV Logistics success, they are the very foundations upon which the whole company is built.


Laurynas Pakalnis

Programme Manager and HSE advisor

Laurynas Pakalnis joined JKV in 2013 to manage logistics on one of the first JKV projects in Finland. Laurynas has extensive experience in managing construction related sectors, and a “no compromises” attitude when it comes to Health and Safety. Laurynas has delivered several successful projects and has had a major input in creating an industry leading HSE culture and employee training systems within JKV Logistics.


Rimas Klumbys

Project Logistics Manager

Rimas Klumbys joined JKV in 2014 as a Logistics Manager for another successful data centre construction project in Finland. With unfaultering energy and always willing to go the extra mile attitude, Rimas has, in no time proven to be valuable asset. He now runs multiple successful, challenging projects for JKV Logistics.

Laurynas Sleinius


Laurynas began his career with JKV Logistics in 2014. With his character traits such as receptiveness, adaptability to the situation, quick problem solving and dedication, he soon became the team leader. This is probably the most advanced employee in our company. He is currently working on our biggest data center project in Finland.

Marius Zapalskis


Marius is a person with a “Can Do” attitude. He has joined the JKV Logistics team in 2013 and very quickly made his way up to the supervisor role. His positive personality and character traits has helped him to make this achievement in such a short time. He is very proactive, helpful and communicative person, who is never short of suggestions and full of new ideas.

Andrius Vaitkus


Andrius joined JKV Logistics in 2013. He has successfully worked his way up through the ranks of our company. He continuously showed his strong character and in 2017 was promoted to supervisor role. Having fulfilled various roles within our company in the past with dedication, commitment and hard work, Andrius has become a very trustworthy and reliable employee. He is currently working on our largest data center project in Finland.



JKV are proud to have worked on projects with some of the most respected main contractors and clients in the industry today.



JKV logistics works on main contractors sites across Finland, Sweden, Denmark and England.